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Portraits: Raphael Sack-Tina, Bruce Maier, Rolande Hodel, Frédérique Hervet

Raphael Sack-Tina Raphael Sack-Tina attended high school in Douala, Cameroon at the Lycée technique, at the time an institution similar to Pratt University until recently: a small percentage of applying students were accepted into 7th grade, and received a scholarship for the next seven years. Students hailed from all over Central Africa, and it was a boarding school. Friendships endured throughout life. Raphael went on to become an engineer and is currently living in Canada. After the book crowdfunder, Raphael wrote: " Congratulations for such a great idea for a book. Its inspires me to work on a positive contribution in Civil Engineering in Africa in the near future." Raphael Sack-Tina, M.Eng., P.Eng. Bruce Maier Senior Structural Engineer at Candu Energy Inc., Mississauga, CANADA Bruce Maier is a software specialist with a quirky sense of humor--a self-described "lifelong computer geek," living in Long Island, New York. He wrote his first soft