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Vickie Frémont: Return to Peru!

Article about Vickie's program in Peruvian media Vickie Frémont was invited to travel to Peru in the Fall of 2011 by the  Alliance Française  (French Cultural Association), to teach in various Peruvian cities how to create art from recycled items, or even trash. It was a whirlwind trip, and so well-received that she has been once again invited, for the Month of the Environment. She will be traveling  to  Chiclayo, Trujillo, Arequipa, Iquitos, Huancayo and Cusco, and also will teach  a short program in two universities, in Arequipa and Trujillo. Article about Vickie's program in Peruvian media  Below are a few photos from the Fall 2011 tour. Trujillo Mall event Collage made in Iquitos Trujillo Mall event Paper doll

Tourism in Sub-Saharan Africa

An excellent panel discussion at the Columbia University African Economic Forum was about Tourism in Africa. Left to right: Kobina Brew-Hammond, Rumit Mehta,  Sthu Zungu, Edward Bergman In the news, we hear mainly of coups, famines, massacres and economic woes. These issues exist. However, the African continent is chock-full of fantastic scenery and exciting traditions, not to mention the beautiful handicrafts. Not only is travel from other continents to Africa rising, but increasingly Africans are traveling within their own continent rather than going to Europe or the United States. My first-hand experience is speaking with Cameroonians who shuttle back and forth from South Africa, which used to be on every Cameroonian's list of countries it was forbidden to visit (during Apartheid) just 20 years ago. The panel included: Edward Bergman , Africa Travel Association Rumit Mehta , Immersion Journeys Sthu Zungu , South African Tourism (America) Kobina Brew-Hammond ,  Ari