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A few photos from the book From the Hut to the Modern Home

These are a few of the images that have been chosen for the book " De La Case A La Villa "  (From the Hut to the Modern Home).  (Description of the book in English available at: ) "Modern traditional" in West Cameroon/"Nostalgic Architecture" chapter.  Photo courtesy of Christine Jumaucourt North Cameroon Foulbé contemporary huts Square hut in poto-poto (West Cameroon) Bamiléké funerary masks

"From the Hut to the Modern Home" book campaign

Update: The following campaign is now over--thank you to our contributors!   “From the Hut to the Modern Home” is a discussion and analysis of the evolution of housing in  A frican architectur e  from traditional dwellings to the modern home . Indiegogo campaign:  This book attempts to answer the African architect’s constant professional dilemma of adherence to the concept of “modern African” architecture, while recognizing that Africans no longer wish to live in traditional-style dwellings as their life style and housing needs continue to evolve. The direction taken by Epée Ellong, and Diane Chehab, is to follow traditional African architecture through time to today’s African architecture, to show the contradictions in the social and technical transformations through various historical phases. To accomplish this work, Epée Ellong delves into his own experience and knowledge of Central Africa . He traveled extensively within Cameroon