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West Africa on the Hudson

Interviews and research from Bineta Fall and Mohamed Ka, New York Entrance to Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market Statistically many immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa to the United States are from English-speaking countries (former British colonies), such as Nigeria, Ghana, with a relatively large influx from South Africa (which is not officially an English-speaking country), along with Kenyans, not shown in the Wikipedia article. However in New York City, the French-speaking population from Western African countries is noticeable, especially in Harlem. In the 1990s, Harlem seemed to be a mini-outpost of Senegal and Guinea. Gambians (English-speaking) are also represented, as geographically , their country is wedged within Senegal. Arame Adje, the self-proclaimed "Grandmother of the Community" arrived in 1986 from Senegal. She says that the Senegalese started arriving in the United States in the mid-eighties, during a very bad drought in Senegal. Also, flights from Daka

New York in French

This week's post was published on New York in French . For the first time in years, I wrote in French.... and translated into English ! The post is about Vickie Frémont's latest "Tour of Recycling" in Peru with the Alliance Française.