Landry Tientcheu: Landry at the Bayou

Landry Tientcheu
Landry Tientcheu is a specialist in sustainable energy by day, and a talented singer by night. 
Landry, who is of Cameroonian origin, and currently lives in California, USA, wants to use the platform of his music to tell a different story about Africa. He wants to tell the story of a gifted Africa, of an educated Africa, of a knowledgeable Africa, of a prosperous Africa, one that doesn’t inspire misery and neediness. As Landry eloquently states, “Misery is real, but it doesn't bring out the best in us. Successful and inspiring stories of Africa, on the other hand, inspire people to invest in themselves and in others. People only invest when they feel good about themselves, about others, and about where we are going as a species."
I call Landry's new album "Jazz with a French African accent" - it's called Landry at the Bayou
Landry at the Bayou album cover


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