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African Travel Association congress in Buea, Cameroon

Opening Gala Dinner The following information was provided by the ATA after a successful event in Cameroon in October 2013. AFRICA TRAVEL ASSOCIATION 38 TH  ANNUAL WORLD CONGRESS IN BUEA, SOUTHWEST CAMEROON International event convenes delegates from business, government and the non-profit sectors to explore Cameroon's newest attractions in the Southwest Region. Cameroon delegates emphasize importance of attracting U.S. tourist arrivals and investment. November 7, 2013  - The Africa Travel Association, the leader in tourism promotion to Africa, held its 38 th  Annual Congress in Buea, Cameroon from October 16-20, 2013. Under the banner of "Re-Discovering Cameroon," nearly 200 international and local delegates, including tourism ministers from Cameroon, Uganda and Zimbabwe and representatives from the public and private sectors, gathered at the newly-opened Mountain Hotel to explore how tourism is one of the most promising industries across Africa and

African puppets

A photo gallery of new African puppets by Vickie Frémont, representing various regions and fabrics in the continent. Indigo Mudcloth Baule woven cloth Bazin fabric Korhogo fabric The puppets are to be shown at the upcoming SIRA event at the Maison de l'Afrique in Montreal, Canada, on November 7, 8 and 9, 2013. Vickie will be holding three workshops on Saturday, November 9. Maison de l'Afrique: 6256 Henri-Julien, Montreal - for more information: tel. 514-701-1433.